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Svix makes sending webhooks easy and reliable by offering webhook sending as a service. With Svix you can start sending webhooks in minutes, while ensuring robust deliverability, and a great developer experience for your users.

Looking for the receiving webhooks docs?

Are you looking for docs about how to receive webhooks sent by Svix? Please refer to the receiving webhooks section of the docs.

Webhooks are harder than they seem.

Webhooks require a lot more engineering time, resources, and ongoing maintenance than you would first expect.

When building your own webhooks you have to deal with a lot of challenges, such as: unreliable user endpoints, which fail or hang more often than you think; monitoring and reliability of your webhook system; security implications which are unique to webhooks and much more.

This is where we come in. With Svix you can start sending webhooks in under five minutes, and we take care of all of the above and more.