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Payload Retention

Svix retains all message payloads (content) for a period of 90 days, after which they are deleted. This ensures that potentially sensitive and private information is not held indefinitely.

Modifying the retention period

While 90 days is a good default for most use-cases, in some cases, a shorter retention period is preferred. Since different messages may require different retention periods, Svix lets you control the wanted retention on a message by message basis.

To change the retention period just pass the wanted retention period when creating the message by setting the payload_retention_period parameter to the wanted number of days.

Here are a few examples for setting the retention to 14 days:

const svix = new Svix("AUTH_TOKEN");
await svix.message.create("app_Xzx8bQeOB1D1XEYmAJaRGoj0", {
eventType: "invoice.paid",
eventId: "evt_Wqb1k73rXprtTm7Qdlr38G",
payloadRetentionPeriod: 14,
payload: {
id: "invoice_WF7WtCLFFtd8ubcTgboSFNql",
status: "paid",
attempt: 2,