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Sending Messages with Bridge

If you have messages moving through queues that you'd like to send as webhooks, Svix Bridge can help.

Bridge is an agent that can read from a queue, transform the message with a JavaScript function, then forward to Svix for delivery. With a small amount of configuration, you can start consuming events, reshaping, and sending webhooks in minutes.

For example, reading from RabbitMQ, modifying the payload in JS, then sending to Svix might look like this:

- name: 'send-from-rabbitmq-example'
type: 'rabbitmq'
uri: '${RABBITMQ_URI}'
queue_name: '${QUEUE_NAME}'

transformation: |
function handler(input) {
return {
appId: input.key,
message: {
eventType: input.event_type,

type: 'svix'
token: '${SVIX_TOKEN}'

In this example, we're subscribing to messages from a queue, making the payload conform to the expected shape, including the required fields:

  • appId
  • message.eventType
  • message.payload

Check out the the project on GitHub for more on how to get started with Bridge.